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Mission Phase = Post-Experiment Phase

Major Events to Date

12/16/06 0400 PST Minotaur successfully launched from WFF 
12/16/06 0420 PST Deployment of GeneSat from PPOD
12/16/06 0530 PST Beacon signal received at SRI station and by amateurs
12/17/06 0400 PST 2.4 GHz command channel functional
12/18/06 0500 PST GeneSat biological experiment initiated
12/22/06 0535 PST 96 hour biological experiment complete and all baseline data downloaded.
12/22/06 0635 PST Data distributed to mission team scientists and engineers within 60 min of experiment conclusion (and within 30 min of download), and plots of primary science data publicly distributed within 90 min of experiment conclusion (and within 60 min of download).
1/17/07 1700 PST All operations for executing the primary mission criteria have been successfully performed, with results disseminated.
2/21/07 1430 PST Handover of mission responsibility from NASA Ames to Santa Clara University.  Initiation of the mission's post-experiment phase.


GENESAT as per

Orbit Data: 

  • Launch Altitude: Perigee 410 Km - Apogee 412 Km

  • Inclination: 40 degrees approx

  • Period: 90 minutes approx.

  • Common Name: GeneSat

  • Space Command Catalog Number:  29655

  • International Designator: 2006- TBD



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